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The first public network of charging stations for electric vehicles in Quebec and Eastern Ontario needed an all-included platform.

The first public network of charging stations for electric vehicles in Quebec and Eastern Ontario needed an all-included platform.

Called the Electric Circuit, this large-scale public network was launched in 2012 by Hydro-Québec, and rapidly expanded. Offering both 240 and 480-volt charging, the Electric Circuit operates hundreds of charging stations around the region. They are situated in parking lots belonging to various network partners, some public, others private, such as restaurants, larger employers and retail stores.

The platform needed an interface for both EV drivers and the network’s managers, where everything could be controlled, from inventory to payment. AXSO provided the perfect solution.

The Electric Circuit had specific characteristics and requirements that needed to be addressed. First, its territory and its inventory are both large. The platform needed to provide real-time alerts to end users, as well as tracking repairs and problems for each charging station. There is also a large number of partners each with a different usage agreement. The app needed to allow network managers the flexibility to deal with each partner on an individual basis.

AXSO’s solution was an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform that provided the Electric Circuit with the required flexibility and real-time knowledge for its extensive network. In this case, as with all AXSO products, data remains the propriety of the client.

Payment history can be viewed in real-time on the platform. It allows Electric Circuit managers to keep track of each and every transaction. Discounts to partners can be arranged directly on the platform, as well as refunds. The platform also supports different kinds of payment options, such as prepaid or pay-as-you-go, as well as some memberships which can be customized.

For the end-user, the app’s advantages are many. It is user-friendly and highly intuitive. Users can pay and charge their accounts directly. There is also an auto-refill option to make sure the user doesn’t run out of money when they also happen to be running low on energy.

But the best feature is certainly the trip planner. It allows users to plan travel with total peace of mind, with timely stops along the way to charge their vehicles at their convenience. With this feature, the user can enter the model of the vehicle, the year, the number of passengers, etc. The planner takes care of verifying the speed, traffic conditions, topography and weather to make sure the user never runs out of power.

The Electric Circuit app is the perfect all-in-one platform for clients, partners, employers and users. Operating within a vast network of charging stations, the app is able to create a personalized experience for each and every stakeholder and user in the network.

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